Speculative Fiction & Poetry Recommendations – June 2021

A lot of the pieces in this issue have something uncanny about them, something special that made me go back and choose them while deciding which stories and poems to include this month. Something is just a little bit off in the world they take place in.

Speculative Fiction & Poetry Recommendations – May 2021

All of the pieces in this issue are magical. Their imagery is beautiful and they all captured me immediately with their incredible first paragraphs.

Speculative Fiction & Poetry Recommendations – April 2021

For this issue’s fundraisers I decided to put some Patreons in the spotlight of magazines that need and deserve more funds to keep on uplifting the voices of speculative fiction and poetry. On that same note, make sure to use your right to vote for your favorite speculative works of 2020 in this year’s IGNYTE Awards, and also check out the beautiful works of art in issue four of Mermaids Monthly, in addition to Dianita’s stunning cover.

Speculative Fiction & Poetry Recommendations – March 2021

For the first time since starting Spec Rec, I wanted to recommend a lot more stories and poems than I could fit on two pages. To get to the final 11, I had to re-read some pieces several times and in the end, it just came down to what I like reading the most at the moment. I still plan on doing other great things with the ones that didn’t make the cut.

Speculative Fiction & Poetry Recommendations – February 2021

Nature and gods are what defines most of the recommendations from February. Another short story and poem from Apparition Lit’s justice issue are on this list because it’s just that good and although it was technically published in January, the chosen pieces were only made available on their website last month. I also have an anthology to recommend.

Speculative Fiction & Poetry Recommendations – January 2021

The month of January had a lot of stories and poems to read and choose from. Mermaids Monthly and Dark Matter Magazine released their very first issues with amazing tables of content, while Apex Magazine is back with its first issue after their hiatus and Apparition Lit published an incredible justice themed issue #13, which I recommend to read in its entirety.

Speculative Fiction & Poetry Recommendations – December 2020

This is the first of what I plan to be a monthly list filled with recommendations of speculative fiction and poetry. They will be published in my newsletter Spec Rec first, a day later I will publish a piece a day on my Twitter and a month later as a blog post on my website.