Pluto Press Autumn 2021 Releases to Keep an Eye on

Pluto Press released their Autumn 2021 catalogue and I took a look at it to write about the most interesting looking books and what I expect of them.

The Kurdish Women’s Movement: History, Theory, Practice
by Dilar Dirik

Last year, I came across Commander Arian by Alba Sotorra, a documentary about Syrian women fighting ISIS and would love to get to know the Kurdish women’s movement this year. I’m looking forward to Dirik dive deep into the interwoven feminist struggles the Rojava faces and the female way of fighting terrorists.

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On Cuddling: Loved to Death in the Racial Embrace
by Phanuel Antwi

This book has such an intriguing title and interesting topic, I can’t wait to find out what it’s all about. I don’t know what to expect, but I’m looking forward to Antwi using essays, poems and imagery to illustrate how intimacy is connected to racial violence and cuddling is an act of demonstrating power.

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Anarchism and the Black Revolution: The Definitive Edition
by Lorenzo Kom’boa Ervin

Anarchism is often hijacked by horrible people not wanting laws to hold them accountable for their actions. I’m looking forward to Ervin depicting how Anarchy cannot exist with structures built to benefit certain people and oppress others and how some White leftists aren’t as left as they want to seem.

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Free Speech and Koch Money: Manufacturing a Campus Culture War
by Isaac Kamola and Ralph Wilson

I’ve never heard about Koch and am curious to learn about who really funds universities. I’m looking forward to Kamola and Wilson exposing how public figures get paid for their opinions and change them based on who gave them the most money, as well as why the target for their manipulation are campuses.

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Make Bosses Pay: Why We Need Unions
by Eve Livingston

The massive pushback unions receive from employers proves the power they hold over corporations. I’m looking forward to Livingston go into detail about the ways in which unions differ from each other, some working with the employer against the workers to give them a false sense of support and how unions aren’t supposed to be yet another hierarchical system, but rather a community in which all members and their needs are equally important.

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We Are ‘Nature’ Defending Itself: Art, Activism and Autonomous Zones
by Isabelle Fremeaux and Jay Jordan

Although in recent news, I don’t recall ever hearing about Zone to Defend and am curious about why and how it came to be. I’m looking forward to Fremeaux and Jordan discussing the importance of protecting nature from capitalist construction projects and hopefully, touch on why it’s easier for White people to defend a piece of land than it is for indigenous people to keep their native land.

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The Warehouse: Workers and Robots at Amazon
by Alessandro Delfanti

Currently working on a science fiction short story set in a warehouse based on Amazon’s, I’m excited to learn more about the technology used in real life. I’m looking forward to Delfanti providing the readers with first-hand experiences and proving a common sci-fi trope wrong by showing that the economical goal isn’t to replace humans with machines.

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Notes: This post includes affiliate links. Bookshop is an online bookstore with a mission to financially support local, independent bookstores.

As the publisher adds these upcoming titles to their store closer to release date, I will add the missing links.

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