Speculative Fiction & Poetry Recommendations – March 2021

For the first time since starting Spec Rec, I wanted to recommend a lot more stories and poems than I could fit on two pages. To get to the final 11, I had to re-read some pieces several times and in the end, it just came down to what I like reading the most at the moment. I still plan on doing other great things with the ones that didn’t make the cut. Nearly all of the recommended pieces from March are about returning to nature, while the cover story for Fusion Fragment deals with another passion of mine: women’s anger. Strange Horizons released their Palestinian special issue, for which I considered adding a third page.



  • Almost Real
    “The Almost Real series is back with Volume 4: powered by Biotechnology, and inspired by the imaginations of over a dozen contributors.”
  • Humans are the Problem
    “In these horrifying tales, monsters and monster advocates reveal how they are adapting to stay scary and finding innovative ways to navigate the 21st century to feed their appetite for human flesh.”

Submission Calls

Find all Spec Rec issues here.

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